BESTY proudly introduces our comprehensive and integrated after-sales service. Our customer service department and technical team pledge to live up to our promise with passion, thus we are always fast to respond and provide sound solutions allowing our customers peace of mind.

           For all LED system and lighting parts
        Mainly drivers, LED lamps, etc. provided the end user follows the written instructions sent with the showcase.Warranty date starts upon shipment.

           For all hardware
(hinges and locks,etc.) provided defects are not caused by human errors

        In regard to the lighting or electrical parts under warranty and if the instructions have been followed, the replacement costs will be BESTY's responsibility.   

        In regard to fixture parts under warranty, the replacement pieces will be sent by BESTY free of charge.

        In regard to any costs and freight charges past the warranty for replacement parts, BESTY is not responsible for any free replacement and the replacement charges will be billed.


          Due to the very high standard of our strong plywood packaging we have only experienced around 1% of glass breakages in transit. When the goods are shipped by the shipping company appointed by us, any damage to glass when received will be replaced by our company, we will send new replacement glass to customers .Glass is free of charge and we will pay the DHL fee to send the glass. Customer should pay the repair work fee by themself.

           Using your shipping Company. BESTY showcases are sold on an Ex-factory or FOB Shenzhen basis and customers are welcomed to inspect showcases prior to shipment. If any damage occurs during shipment, BESTY is not responsible and any damage reports should be directed to your freight forwarder , and your shipping company.

Contact for Maintenance Service
           End user should contact their designated contact and relay the problems to a BESTY account executive for assistance. User should provide information such as BESTY Item No. of the fixture and describe the nature of the problems or send a photo to BESTY. A BESTY customer service representative will respond to any enquiries normally within 48 hours except the period of Chinese New Year.

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