S-03 Display Cabinet Lighting and Storage w/ Led Bars and Downlights

High Quality Display Cabinet Lighting and Storage with LED Lights, Large Space of Cabinet Hutch

  • Extra-clear Glass Door with Lock
  • Adjustable Shelves Cupboard
  • Easy Touch Latch Door
  • 2 LED Strips concealed on Side, 2 LED Downlights Upside
  • Elegant Design
  • Long Service Life


Series: S-01, S-02

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Display Cabinet Lighting and Storage

S-03 is a display cabinet lighting and storage, with large cupboard and recessed glass door showcase in the middle part of the display cabinet hutch. The cupboard is oak veneer matt finish, with touched latch door and interior adjustable shelves both up and down. Further more, the huge storage of the cabinet is enable to help customers save a lot of space.

Moreover, with elegant look, the display area of the display cabinet lighting and storage, interior with nice PU leather board, and bright LED lights that are 2pcs LED downlights on top, and 2pcs of LED strips concealed in the corner beside the tempered extra-clear glass swing door. It’s quite convenient for customers to place their jewelry.

On the bottom part of the display cabinet lighting, it’s a stainless steel skirting line with brushed S.S. plating brass finish.


  • Product Size     1000mm(39.4″)W×550mm(21.7″)D×2800mm(110.2″)H
  • Display Space  890mm (35″)W×490mm(19.3″)D×645mm(25.4″)H
  • Material  MDF or Plywood & Veneer,  Glass, Stainless Steel
  • Wood Finish    Gloss or Matte
  • Metal Finish   Polished or Brushed, Electroplate, Anti-fingerprint.
  • Lock   RFID Lock or Cam Lock
  • Types of Glass  Tempered Ultra-White ( Low Iron)
  • Glass Thickness  8mm (0.31″)
  • Placement Type  Floor Standing
  • Cupboard Door Swing Door
  • Drawer Type  None
  • Lights  Top 2pcs 5W LED Downlights; Side 2pcs 15W LED Strips, Total 5000lm/pc.
  • Lighting CCT   3500K, 5000K, 6000K (optional)
  • Wattage  50W
  • Input Voltage  100~264Vac (Applicable worldwide)
  • Custom Made  Available
  • Customized Part   Material, color, finish, lights, etc.
  • Production Time 45days

This is a set of open designs including S-03 display cabinet lighting and S-01, S-02 in the same series. Customers could combine with different measurement or quantity of these items together according to their demand. The display cabinet lighting and storage with lock includes lighted LED bars which allows retailers to show their products more attractive.


The front view of S-03 display cabinet lighting. Customer could display the jewelry in the middle area of the cabinet.

Display Cabinet and Storage | Besty Display

The side view of the display cabinet and storage. Customer could store a lot of goods in the cabinets on top and bottom.

Display Cabinet Oak Effect | Besty Display

The large display space of the display cabinet lighting allows customer to put different display stands in different ways, with the lighted LED lights, so that to let the jewelry shine out brightly.

Display Cabinet Hutch | Besty Display


  • LED Lights

The LED lights are very durable to use for years. On the top of the display area of the display cabinet lighting showcase, there’re 2 pcs of 5W LED spot lights. As well as the top line and two side of the door, there’re 3 pcs of LED strips concealed.

LED Lights in the Showcase | Besty Display
LED Strips on the Corner | Besty Display
  • Cam Lock

On the middle corner of each door of the display cabinet hutch, the high quality cam lock could keep the jewelry safe.

Cam Lock on S-03 Showcase| Besty Display
Lock and Hole of the case | Besty Display

Series: S-01 | S-02 | S-03 | S-084 | S-135

Suitable Displays: TR-0015

To: Counter Display Case / Pedestal Display Case

To: Metal Partition Wall

Additional information

Weight 200 kg
Dimensions 1100 × 650 × 2996 mm
Lighting CCT

, ,


, , ,

Metal Finish

Brushed black, Brushed brass finish, brushed rose gold, Brushed stainless steel, polished black, polished brass, polished stainless steel


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