Customized Sotre Furniture and Fixtures


CIUFOLI started to work with us in 2019, they already customized furniture and fixtures from two jewelry shops from us. The design of these shop was provided by the customer. We provide the detailed design and lighting design of a single showcase and production.  installation were completed by the customer.


Customized Furniture -Ciufoli Counter Showcase | Besty Display
Customized Furniture -Ciufoli Talk Table | Besty Display
Customized Furniture -Ciufoli Vitrine | Besty Display
Customized Furniture -Ciufoli Small Table | Besty Display
Customized Furniture -Ciufoli coffee table | Besty Display
Customized Furniture -Ciufoli Office Desk | Besty Display

Store Photo

This set of customized store furniture uses sandalwood veneer, Calacatta natural marble table top, brushed brass texture metal, ultra-white tempered glass, and perfect lighting. The overall design is simple and elegant, high-end and luxurious, and the finished jewelry store effect makes Amazing

Ciufoli store furniture and fixtures | Besty Display
Retail Displays & Store Fixtures | Besty Display
Luxury talk table & Store Fixtures | Besty Display
Very nice Window showcase Custom made | Besty Display

Their Review

Giacomo Ciufoli: All other furniture is perfect, display cabinet is magnificent. As if coffee table, As is rest.

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