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The flagship shop of Australia jewellery brand FRANCESCA located in Melbourne Central, was renovated and reopened in 2019. This is not their first time cooperation with us to make the custom retail display case. Due to the nice product and service from us, FRANCESCA chose us again to manufacture the display case for their new shop.

Store Photos

FRANCESCA provided us their own design of this shop concept which is consistent with their fresh and feminine style. As well as our design team made the proposal and drawing concretely and properly to each items. They included detail design, material, measurement, color finish and etc. for the custom retail display case and LED lights. After all the details were confirmed, we started to manufacture all the items of different display cases in our factory. Before we packed and shipped them, we checked carefully again to ensure everything was OK. When the display cases arrived to the destination, FRANCESCA installed them easily in the shop.

A series of tall custom retail display case in arched shape stand along one wall. The opposite wall is furnished with display case with nice glass-fronted drawers, delicate legs and glass, and strong stone counter tops. In the center of the FRANCESCA store, there’s a “Stack Bar” display case. It housed a large selection of charms, stones and metal pieces for customers to create their own jewellery combinations.

Custom Retail Display Case for FRANCESCA | Besty Display
Retail Shop of FRANCESCA Melbourne Central | Besty Dispaly
Front View of FRANCESCA flagship shop | Besty Display
FRANCESCA Flagship Shop in Melbourne Central | Besty Display
FRANCESCA Shop Counter | Besty Display
FRANCESCA Logo in Shop | Besty Display
Display Cabinet with Plenty of Drawer | Besty Display
Glass Fronted Drawer in Pink | Besty Display
Mirror on the Wall | Besty Display
Pink Display Stand in Window | Besty Display


This is the set of 3D effect of the custom retail display case, drawing by our design team. We not only kept FRANCESCA posted while the project of is in progress, but also keep in touch with them all the time after the sale. Therefore, with strong quality of custom retail display case and good service, we have maintained a good relationship with FRANCESCA till now.

Pink Display Case with Drawer | Besty Display
FRANCESCA Display Case in Black | Besty Display
Pink Display Case with LED for FRANCESCA | Besty DIsplay
Tall Arched Display Case with Big Mirror | Besty Display
FRANCESCA Counter Display Case | Besty Display
Stack Bar of Custom Retail Display Case for FRANCESCA | Besty Display
Set with Counter and Cabinet | Besty Display
Different Design of Display Stand and Table | Besty Display

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