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Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery

]Bevilles beautiful Jewelley started to work with us in 2016,  and build 2~3 new stores every year. The design of these shop in  mall is provided by the customer. We provide the detailed design and lighting design of a single showcase and production.  installation are completed by the customer.
At the beginning of the cooperation, their designer proposed to reduce their project budget so that they could open more stores. In response to the requirements of the customers, the solution we gave was to choose relatively cheap materials and hardware accessories.

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bevilles beautiful jewellery shop
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We Found Some Product Problems

However, after finishing four stores, customers reported that some products had problems:

  • Due to the large number of customers in their store, each showcase may be opened hundreds of times a day, causing quality problems in the drawers and sliding door hardware of some showcases. After customer feedback, we changed the quality of the rails and sliding door tracks, A more better brand “Hettich”.
  •  The quality of the laminate we used with the relatively low price of the Chinese brand is not good enough, and there is surface cracking. Regarding customer feedback on this problem, after communicating with the customer, we adjust the material list, replace with Formica Laminate, and adjust the unit price of the showcase accordingly.
  •  Our high-power Led light cost more and do not meet their light source requirements. In response to the customer’s feedback, we developed new led light based on the characteristics of the products sold by the guests, with relatively low cost, easy to replace and maintain, and dedicated to his showcase. Now five or six years have passed, and guests have been using this led strip. At present, no showcase light damaged or needs to be replaced. Our led light have very high reliability.

We Learned From This Shop In Mall

In the process of cooperating with Bevilles beautiful jewelley, we found that we cannot blindly follow the customer’s vision. Although the use of lower-priced materials and accessories can indeed reduce manufacturing costs, it will also bring subsequent use problems. Therefore, for customers who use it more frequently, we recommend using better materials, because the cost of using better materials and accessories is relatively lower compared to subsequent maintenance. Of course, if your budget is not very tight, we suggest that you must use the best quality materials and accessories, which will greatly extend the service life of the product.
We have now opened a branch in Australia in order to provide better services to Australian customers. Whenever there is a quality problem with the products you buy from us, we will help you solve it without any shirk!

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