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Maybe you can find your favorite store fixtures and retail display equipment here, or you can tell us your ideas, whether it’s a single product or the whole store, our design team can perfectly express your ideas.

Store Design

We have focused on store design for 12 years

Our design team has designed a number of jewelry stores, watch stores, clothing stores, cosmetics stores, and gift shops. These stores include retail stores in shopping malls, airport duty-free shops, shop-in-shops on luxury cruise ships, exhibition booths, Kiosks, and services Customers come from more than 60 countries and regions. We understand the design specifications and requirements of most countries in the world and application scenarios. And has provided store fixtures and retail display equipment design and customization services for countless customers, and won unanimous praise.

All retail store fixtures and display elements can be customized

A Superior quality display cases manufacturer

Since 2012, we set up our own factory, with processing capabilities covering wood, paint, acrylic, glass, metal, leather, and marble, which can meet all retail customize display cases customization needs.

Perfect Led Lighting

No one who sells diamonds doesn’t like our lights

Since the establishment of the company, we have set up our own LED lighting research and development team, and our lighting is specially designed for showcase.

  • Beautiful appearanceultra-thin, ultra-small, easy to hide, increase the viewing angle of the showcase
  • High reliability: three-year warranty. According to our many years of experience, the damage rate within three years does not exceed 2%,  five years does not exceed 5%, eight years does not exceed 10%.
  • Easy to maintain: The Led lights in our superior quality display cases are never fixed with any glue or double-sided tape, and are fixed mechanically, which not only has a long life, but also all Led lights can be replaced and easily replaced

Our experience

Our display showcase, wall panel and cabinet, led lights, package uphold to the high standards of integrity and quality

Design - 12 years
Millwork-8 years
Led Light development-10 years
Logistics-12 years
Installation-2 years
Store Fixtures-Store design-Retail Display Equipment


Besty Display provides customer with one-stop service from design, production, transportation to on site installation so as to save your time and budget.

Store fixtures-Store design-Retail Display Equipment

Site Survey

It’s available  in Asia and Australia and the customers from the other countries and regions  need to provide us floor plan and verify the measurement by themselves


Whether you have some concept or you absolutely need us to build it from scratch, our design team can come up with a perfect solution

Solve Technical Problems

Whether it’s conventional structures, rotating led display case, display case with smart lock and security system, space utilization, even personalized lighting, Besty Display’s teams provides a  professional solution to you


We have different professional departments, Our production capabilities include wood, metal, glass, acrylic, leather and cloth art, surface finishing, logo and signage, led light etc.


We have provided logistics  services for customers from more than 60 countries and regions. We can provide door-to-door services in most countries and regions.


In China and Australia, our professional installation team can provide installation services. In other countries and regions, we recommend that customers find an installation team by themselves. If necessary, we can send a project manager or designer to the site to guide the installation. and Our display case and wall panel or storefront are very easy to install

Project Management

Currently only in China, the Australian project management team is in preparation

Maintenance Service

The maintenance service of our professional team helps your shop to maintain the best operating condition. This service is currently only available in China and Australia

Our specialization

Focus on providing superior quality display cases and shop interior design

We specialize in Shops, Kiosks, Display Cases, Service Centers, Exhibition Booth, Visual Displays Units, Merchandise Displays, Boxing, Shop display furniture and window displays for a wide range of retail stores and shopping malls.

Store fixtures-Store design-Retail Display Equipment
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Custom Cosmetics Display Showcases | Besty Display
Superior quality display cases for Exhibition booth
Exhibition Booth

Custom Design Display Cases & Store Design

A customer said: Your display cases are the best i have seen coming from China

we show some of the custom display cases and store design projects we have done. You can see the effect of the actual completed store, as well as the customer’s comments, and there are links to their websites below, if their store is near you , You can contact them, make an appointment to visit their store and display cases, maybe they are your target customers or suppliers too

Store Gallery

Our Client

Whole store or couple of display cases

For more than ten years, our products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions, and we have provided superior quality display cases and design services for more than 2,000 brands or stores, and have been highly praised by customers.