Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery

Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery is a long-established local brand in Australia since 1934. It is one of Melbourne’s leading jewellery and giftware stores. Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery currently has 26 stores in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia.

Store Photos

From 2016, Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery work with us to build up 2~3 new stores each year. Customer provide us the shop design concept, as well as our design team make the proposal and drawing concretely and properly to each items. They include detail design, material, measurement, color finish and etc. for the custom retail display cases and LED lights. The store installation is completed by the Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery.

According to the request from custom, we always offer the most cost-effective plans. Till now, Bevilles Beautiful Jewellery still cooperate with us for building new stores and replace the jewelry displays seasonally.

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