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CR011 Garment Shop Front Display Stand Showcase Lighted

CR011 Garment Shop Front Display Stand Showcase Lighted

CR011 garment shop front display stand is a window display set for showing clothes or accessories. It contains pedestal in matt white wood and acrylic showcase edge covering with metal electroplating rose gold. Within LED lights insert along with the metal edge, it helps light up the goods brightly. The product is available for custom made.


  • Item A Size-
  • pedestal Φ450mm(17.7″)*800mm(31.5″)H
  • showcase 300mm(11.8″)W*300mm(11.8″)D*360mm(14.2″)H
  • Item B Size-
  • pedestal Φ450mm(17.7″)*600mm(23.6″)H
  • showcase 300mm(11.8″)W*300mm(11.8″)D*330mm(13″)H
  • Item C Size-
  • pedestal Φ450mm(17.7″)*500mm(19.7″)H
  • showcase 300mm(11.8″)W*300mm(11.8″)D*260mm(10.2″)H
  • Material  Wood, Metal, Acrylic
  • Color  Matt White
  • Metal Finish  Electroplating Rose Gold
  • Application  Clothes, Bags, Shoes, Accessories
  • Custom Made  Available
  • Customized Part  Material, Color, Measurement.
  • Production Time  45 days

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